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August 2018 -  YOU ARE NOT ALONE - words of comfort from God to you.     It's hard to believe with all the various social media apps and means of technology, but the greatest epidemic in our area is isolation and loneliness!  The equation goes something like this  BUSY LIVES + BROKENNESS IN OUR FAMILIES/SELVES + SITUATIONS OF ALL SORTS WE TRY TO HIDE ='s LONELINESS & ISOLATION. 
     By "Celebrating God's Love in Jesus and Sharing It With Others" - our three-part mission to reverse that loneliness includes:   
Step 1:  Love on our local community like Jesus.  Food ministries like the pantry, meals, and food trucks and artist's classes serve as our special niche among The Fruitport Area Churches.
Step 2:  Learn about God's Love for Us in Jesus.  Worship services, Bible studies, Youth Clubs like Cadets and Gems, and Sunday School for all age groups offers learning for every age.
Step 3: Love each other as Jesus taught us to love:  Prayer and share time, one call alerts to share needs, care & hospital visits, meal support, ladies time out, game nights, painting classes, outings and spending time together  deepens our connections with each other.

So after spending a few moments visiting our site or listening to a message below, we invite you to visit in person and take in a worship service, meal, or other activity.
Contact us to learn more. 

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What does worship renewal look like? When is it called for? Just as every once in awhile we spruce up our homes - the same goes for worship in order for it to remain true, good, and beautiful. Credit for the opening analogy and the worship as true, good, and beautiful are credited to worship professor Jonathan R. Wilson who wrote a very important book - "Why Church Matters"

sunday, august 19th @ Fruitport crc

Preaching: Guest Pastor John DeBoer
Sermon: "Jesus Christ Is Lord"
Scripture: Philippians 2:1-11

sunday, august 12th

Preaching: Pastor John Huyser
Sermon Video: "True, Good, and Beautiful Worship"
Scripture: Isaiah 1:1-18










God's welcome mat is out - Individual or Family - Consider joining us to celebrate God's love at a Sunday morning worship service.  We meet at 9:30 AM.   A "safe church" nursery is available.  Please come as you are, sweats or suits, dresses or jeans. Jesus is our guide; he cares about our soul,  not our outer appearances. 

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You can tell what a church is passionate about by seeing where their time and talents are shared.  Check out how we are "Celebrating God's Love and Sharing it With Others."  Everything we do centers around this theme.  Let's explore together how you might you might use your gifts here.

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