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Are you wondering if church is still relevant in 2018?  After all, many no longer see the church as having value nor is it the church the first go-to anymore for wisdom and truth for the modern age.  The reason is that so much of our world tries to split life into two parts - the sacred and the secular - when all of life is under Christ's Lordship.  So often times, churches are tempted to soften the harder points of the Gospel.  Yet people remain hungry for answers to life's questions.  With God's help and exploring his Word together, we believe His Spirit will satisfy that hunger .  So whether you are new to Christianity or a full fledged believer, we'd love to meet you and learn your story.


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Update: March 20:  Our new video system is up and running!  Give it a try as we are working to improve and adjust the bitrate speed for HD viewing.  Move your cursor over the video and click on the play button that appears to begin.  Click the four-way arrow screen next to the vimeo logo to bring to full screen.



sunday, april 22nd @ Fruitportcrc

Preaching: Pastor John Huyser
Sermon: "Kingdom of Heaven"
Scripture: Matthew 13:31-33 and 44-46

Sunday, April 8th @ fruitport crc

Preaching: Pastor John Huyser
Sermon Video: "Jesus is Lord"
Scripture: Hebrews 11:39-12:2

Easter sunday, April 1st

Preaching: Pastor John Huyser
Sermon: "New Light Dawning"
Scripture: Mark 16:1-8




God's welcome mat is out - Individual or Family - Consider joining us to celebrate God's love at a Sunday morning worship service.  We meet at 9:30 AM.   A "safe church" nursery is available.  Please come as you are, sweats or suits, dresses or jeans. Jesus is our guide; he cares about our soul,  not our outer appearances. 

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You can tell what a church is passionate about by seeing where their time and talents are shared.  Check out how we are "Celebrating God's Love and Sharing it With Others."  Everything we do centers around this theme.  Let's explore together how you might you might use your gifts here.

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