Joining Fruitport CRC & Membership



YES.  Many congregations today don't emphasize membership.  We believe however that being a Christian and member of The Body of Christ is both a personal and a communal experience.  It's hard to go it alone. The Bible speaks of this often where members worship, pray together, support each other and help each other grow.


If I become a member must i be baptized or be re-baptized like other churches require?

NO. If you have never been baptized, we would encourage you to consider doing so as you step into membership.  Baptism is one of two sacraments commanded by Christ.  In baptism, the promises of God, become more than words - In baptism, we receive a visible confirmation that Christ has indeed forgiven our sins.  If you already have been baptized in a Christ-centered church - there is no need to be re-baptized.  The church administers baptism on behalf of God - One faith, One baptism, One Lord.

If I join, am i expected to contribute a certain amount?


NO.  Some can give and other's can't.  While there are costs to be covered for ministry - (costs for ministry & outreach, utilities & building maintenance, the living costs for the pastor's family and the part time payroll for our secretary), it would be great if you could consider at least consider giving of your time.  The success of our outreach ministries, pantry, and food truck ministry relies on volunteers.  As far as monies and time, many of our members make a personal commitment to God to dedicate a certain amount of both.  Call it a tithe or whatever you like - but again it is not required.  There are also no secrets - We maintain a transparency with all of our finances - Check out the latest monthly report on the deacons' bulletin board in the classroom/office wing.

I'm interested in joining, what do i do next?

Start by becoming a frequent attender to worship and Wednesday nights -- As the pastor, one of the best advice pieces my Grandma Van Bruggen gave to me when I was starting out was "Go where you feel needed - not where you feel cozy."  Taking her advice, might offer you a starting point to work from.  First, be our guest at worship and other activities.  We'll even let you lend a hand if interested.  Second, speak to our pastor - Pastor John.  He'll offer to sit down with you over coffee or meal.  Then together, look for opportunities where your gifts might best be used.  Frequent attenders are welcomed to participate in all of our programs with one exception - (In order to maintain a Safe Church that is free of harm, any leadership involving our youth programs require special approval and screening.)