Absolutely. While there’s never been a greater need in our culture for community, Fruitport CRC is more than just a building. (Yes, we have a building but it’s more important we reach beyond it.) Send an email to Pastor John and we’ll help get you connected.


It’s fostering community over attendance that counts. Though we have weekly services and activities, they may not line up with your availability. That’s why we offer on line options to watch services online. We’re also working towards live streaming.

What should I wear when I do come?

Come as you feel most comfortable - The majority of attendees wear casual clothing including khakis, jeans and shorts.

What is worship like at Fruitport CRC?

On Sundays, worship begins at 9:30 AM and lasts about an hour.  Our worship gathering marks the start of each new week with biblical, Christ-centered messages and PowerPoint presentations for added real-life application.  Nursery is available to age 3.  A community time with refreshments follows every service.

What is the music like?

Celebrating today's contemporary testimony in music & recognizing the rich musical history of the church, we use a blended format of psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs to glorify God.  

Must I give an offering to attend worship or the dinners?

No.  Guests are welcome to put a contribution in the plate, but there is no such expectation.  The dinners are by free will offering to help underwrite costs of the food. As part of our worship - we typically take two offerings - one for the ministry expenses of our church and the second for a designated ministry.   With complete transparency - You are always welcomed to take a look at our deacons' bulletin board in the hallway to see where the dollars go.  


must i be baptized or be re-baptized?

NO. If you already have been baptized in a Christ-centered church - there is no need to be re-baptized. If you have never been baptized, we would encourage you to consider doing so if you step into membership. 

I'm interested in joining, what do i do Next?

Start by becoming a frequent attender to worship and Wednesday nights -- As the pastor, one of the best advice pieces my Grandma Van Bruggen gave to me when I was starting out was "Go where you feel needed - not where you feel cozy."  Taking her advice, might offer you a starting point to work from.  Speak to our pastor - Pastor John.  He'll offer to sit down with you over coffee or meal.  Then together, look for opportunities where your gifts might best be used.  Frequent attenders are welcomed to participate in all programs with one exception - (All leadership spots require Safe Church Screening).