Serving Our Community - June 2017

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Fruitport CRC Food Pantry - June 2017 Update

The spring months are finding us very busy again leaving many of our shelves bare.  We are so grateful to The Meijers' Simply Give Program and contributions from our local public in Fruitport to help us out!  We also welcomed some students who did some of their service hours sorting foods and writing expiration and best buy dates on canned goods. With a number of our volunteers away, we hope to soon have some new volunteers in place.  Even though our Wednesday night meals are completed for the season, we plan to have the food bank open each week.  Those in need of assistance should contact Love in Action at 616-846-2701 to receive a voucher for accessing the food pantry.  We are open Wednesday evenings from 5:00 to 8 PM.   Food and Cash Donations are always welcomed.

Muskegon Rescue Mission

The congregation regularly supports the Muskegon Rescue Mission with donated food and personal items, and through financial support from offerings.

Muskegon area Mobile Food Pantry - June 2017 Update

The congregation supports the Muskegon area mobile food pantry which delivers needed food items to many locations each month.  June 2017 scheduled locations and times. (Click on the hyperlink)