Fruitport CRC Food Pantry- July 2017

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What's been happening at the food pantry?

     Just when we expected a summer lull in needs, we experienced anything but as our numbers increased - supporting 120 individuals in June.  The numbers would have been higher were we not closed for the week of Vacation Bible School.  Why did we get busier?  Essentially, summer means that needy families with children no longer benefit from the breakfast and lunch programs through the schools.  Ten more meals per week per child can add stress to an alrighty tight food budget. Even though our Wednesday night meals are completed for the season, we plan to have the food bank open each week.  Food and Cash Donations are always welcomed.  Receipts for donations can be received on request.

So How can I access or refer someone to the pantry to receive assistance?

As Fruitport is situated between Love In Action of the Tri-Cities and Love In The Name of Christ Muskegon, we serve the populations of Fruitport, Fruitport Township, and the surrounding area. Our pantry is open on Wednesday evenings from 5-8 PM.  We work with the Love Network as noted above.

First time walk-ins are welcomed.  No connection to our church is necessary.  When you arrive, it is best to drive around to the back of church to make loading groceries easier.  As a first-time guest, you will sit down with our greeter to register and receive information on the services Love has available.  All that's needed is a simple form of ID like a driver's license to verify which Love you could visit to receive their many services.  You will also receive a schedule for upcoming food trucks in the area.  At that time, you will also fill out a request form which offers our selections for that night.  From there, one of our hosts will guide you from there to share a bit about our church's Wednesday Night activities and offer our prayer supports as well.  Once your order is filled, we'll help you load everything in your vehicle.  Future access to the food pantry is possible by receiving a voucher from the Love location you will receive a referral to.

Why Do you require vouchers to access the pantry again?

Two reasons:

  • - First, our church operates on a philosophy of "helping without hurting".  We understand that anyone can have an unexpected hit to their finances where freeing you up from paying for groceries for a few days can go a long way.  We help but we don't want to hurt.  That's why we love the Love system - because they understand all the programs and assistance available that you might qualify for - to better yourself and preserve your dignity of those we help -  so that you can get back on your own feet rather than be dependant on us for the long-term.
  • Second, we are a small church that offers us the opportunity for rich connections as our gifts are combined to this ministry and others.  In a given month, it is not unusual for our church to support twice as many people with food than our own membership!  To do that, we rely on the resources of our church, our community, other area churches, the warehouses of both Loves along with the very generous donations through the Meijer Simply Give Program.  

Why Do You Go To All These Efforts?

The community food pantry, like our other programs is our way of "Celebrating God's Love in Jesus Christ and sharing it with others."  If you are looking for a church or don't yet have a faith family to be connected with, we'd love to have you join us and do the same - using the unique gifts God has given you to serve others as part of The Body of Jesus Christ.

   Muskegon Rescue Mission - July 2017

The congregation regularly supports the Muskegon Rescue Mission with donated food and personal items, and through financial support from offerings.  This month, a reverse food offering will find a healthy load of assorted groceries making their way to the mission.