John Huyser, Senior Pastor

Updated January 2, 2019

     Happy New Year 2019! Over these last three years, I've come to recognize how God continues to use smaller churches like ours to be a blessing to our community.  I can assure you “Celebrating God's love in Jesus and Sharing It With Others” is no mere tagline or pipe-dream.  
     Having just completed our Advent series on Romans and special Christmas services, it was so wonderful to have so many share their gifts and talents. From the beautiful paintings to the singing contributions and more, it was wonderful. If you are like me, you are anticipating 2019 and what lies ahead. The truth is - Not everything is so perfect. Our lives after all really don’t match the pretty pictures of the holiday cards we mailed out for Christmas. But owning up to it — it’s okay! That’s why Jesus came to remedy our present circumstances by offering us real renewal. It’s a gift tag “To You From God” - For 2019 and the future, that means Christ will never leave us or forsake us.
We would like to share more about that with you. If you would like a personal follow-up, have need for a visit or listening ear or simply have questions: Use the contact information below to reach us.  GOD BLESS!

        Study Phone: 231-865-6548


Lori Vander Laan, Secretary