John Huyser, Senior Pastor

Updated September 9, 2019

     Fall is quickly arriving - Wednesday night meals and clubs are prepping for their first meetings of the season. Where did summer go?
Over these last four years, I've come to recognize how God continues to use smaller churches like ours to be a blessing to our community.  I can assure you “Celebrating God's love in Jesus and Sharing It With Others” is no mere tagline or pipe-dream.  
     Churches can be so busy doing so many good things, but our study in Colossians reminds us to live, breathe, and wear Christ first and foremost. Grounded in Him, his Spirit offers all sorts of new possibilities wherever community is offered. All the while, It brings great joy to see new faces and those returning to worship and fostering deeper bonds.
If you would like a personal follow-up, have need for a visit or listening ear or simply have questions: Use the contact information below to reach me.  GOD BLESS!

        Study Phone: 231-865-6548


Lori Vander Laan, Secretary